Theatre O Th Absurd Company Presents:
Produced by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC

Side Studio Theatre
1520 West Jarvis Street, Chicago IL

Theatre O Th Absurd announcesz

Saturday, MAY 20, 7 – 11 PM at “POITIN STIL” Irish Tavern at 1504 W. Jarvis Avenue in Chicago

A publicity event to benefit our current play:



By David Mamet, celebrated Chicago playwright

Directed by Steven M. Roseman, Starring Adam Glen, Jolene Turner & Django

This production is made possible by Samuel French INC.


Please join us Saturday, MAY 20, for an evening of appetizers, and entertainment by musical artists.


8:30 – 9 PM: Pepper Giese*, Vocalist

9:15 – 9:45 PM: J.M. Demetrius*, Violinist

10 – 10:30 PM: Alex Morrill, Violinist

*Theatre O Th Absurd Artistic associate directors.


Meet with the Director, Actors and production Crew involved in the play.

Your gifts will be used to help us build scenery and purchase props, costumes, programs, flyers, posters & more.

All those who support will be listed in our playbill.  Here are the gift levels:


‘Helpers’                                        ‘Artists’                                       ‘Actors’

$5                                                 $20                                               $50

                                (Minimum                                       Includes 1                                    Includes 2

                              Contribution)                                Complimentary                            Complimentary

            Play Voucher                                Play Vouchers


‘Playwrights’                                    ‘Directors’                                  ‘Producers’

             $100                                                $250                                              $500:

                     Includes:                                          Includes:                                        Includes:

3 Complimentary                            4 Complimentary                          8 Complimentary

Play Vouchers                                Play Vouchers                              Play Vouchers

+ Entrance for 3                             + Entrance for 4                          + Entrance for 8

to July 8th Cast Party                      to July 8th Cast Party                    to July 8th Cast Party


RSVP’S: 773 419 5001 or 24 hour toll-free 877 505 6299


“SPEED – THE – PLOW”, begins at Side Studio Theatre, 1520 W. Jarvis, Wednesday May 24, 2006 at 8 PM. RSVP’S for performances:


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